Permian Highway Pipeline Update

Will Your Land Be Affected by the Permian Highway Pipeline?

In this video, Condemnation Rights Attorney Philip Hundl updates landowners on the latest information about the Permian Highway Pipeline project.  Call 800-929-1725 for an appointment with Mr. Hundl.

Summary of the Permian Highway Pipeline Video

– – Hi, I’m Phillip Hundl. I’m an attorney with Wadler Perches Hundl and Kerlick. My law practice focuses on land owner condemnation. My practice specifically relates to condemnation and eminent domain proceedings against landowners. I represent the landowners in those cases.

Today I’d like to talk about the Permian Highway Pipeline. It’s also referred to as the PHP line. It is a pipeline project that is being commenced by Kinder Morgan — Kinder Morgan along with EagleClaw Midstream Ventures. Both Kinder Morgan and EagleClaw announced in September of 2018, their final decision to go forward with the investment and with the project.

That begins a process of right of way agents going out and attempting to seek easements, acquiring easements from landowners. So you as a landowner, you may have been contacted already by right of way agents seeking to acquire a right of way easement for this particular project.

This project starts out in Reeves County out in West Texas and it travels all the way east to Colorado County, Sheridan, Texas.  The shippers on the line, at least initially, are EagleClaw, Apache and XTO Energy. This is a 42 inch gas pipeline. So it’s a very large pipeline diameter of project.

Nearby Counties Affected by the Permian Highway Pipeline

My focus has been on the eastern part of this line. In Colorado County there’s approximately 11 to 12 tracts or property owners that are going to be affected by this Permian Highway Pipeline project. Lavaca County has approximately 25 tracts that are going to be affected. Gonzales County has around 55 to 60 tracts that will be affected. In Caldwell County, about 75 tracts are affected by the proposed pipeline. And then in Hayes County, approximately 60 landowners or 60 tracts will be affected.

Your Attorney Can Help Ensure that Your Property Is Restored
Your Attorney Can Help Ensure that Your Property Is Restored

So if you’re a landowner and you’ve been contacted by a right of way agent, you should know that you have many rights. Many rights are available to you. You’re not obligated to sign the first easement that is proposed to you by the right of way agent or the pipeline company.

I suggest that you talk to an attorney who is familiar with condemnation proceedings and pipeline easements. Your attorney can ensure that you will be fully informed about all the different terms and conditions that can be included in the easement. That will protect you. That will also protect the value of your property.

And be careful with the strategies and tactics of right of way agents. I’ve mentioned these tactics in another video about the different strategies and tactics of many right of way agents. So be on the lookout for those and be careful. And good luck.

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You should talk with an experienced condemnation rights attorney BEFORE you sign an easement agreement.  Every property is unique so please don’t assume that what’s good for your neighbors is good for you.  Contact Mr. Hundl to safeguard your rights and preserve the value of your property.

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