What Is the Magellan Pipeline

Who Is Affected by the Magellan Pipeline?

In the vides, Landowner Rights Attorney Philip Hundl reviews the proposed route and purpose of the Magellan Pipeline.  If you’re an affected landowner and you’d like to learn more about your rights in the condemnation process, please call 800-929-1725 for an appointment with Mr. Hundl.

Summary of the Magellan Pipeline Video

– Hi, I’m Philip Hundl. I’m an attorney with Wadler, Perches, Hundl and Kerlick and my law practice focuses primarily on land litigation, with an emphasis on representing landowners facing condemnation cases.

There have been quite a few projects, pipeline projects going on as of late. I’d like to bring them to your attention, so that you’re aware of the ones that might affect you if you’re a landowner.

There’s a planned pipeline project by Magellan Midstream Partners. I’ll refer to the company as Magellan.  Magellan is expanding its infrastructure between the towns of Alexander, Texas, and Hearne, Texas.   I’m primarily working with landowners in Falls County, Milam County and Robertson County.

Proposed Magellan Pipeline Easement Agreements Are Very Broad

According to the Magellan Pipeline’s proposed easement agreements it will be a pipeline that can carry virtually any type of product.  My understanding is it will most likely be refined petroleum products carried in this line.

We’ve talked about pipelines and gas pipelines in other videos. This appears to be a refined petroleum products line, so that could be anywhere from diesel to jet fuel or just crude oil.  Magellan is seeking a 50-foot wide right of way for this line.

If You’re a Landowner in Falls, Milam or Robertson Counties, We Can Help You

As I mentioned the Magellan Pipeline is planned to cross multiple counties, from Alexander to Hearne, Texas.   The counties I’ve been focused on are Falls County, Milam County and Robertson County.  As I get more information about this Magellan pipeline, I’ll share that information in a future video.

If you’re a landowner and you’ve been contacted by Magellan or Magellan’s right of way agents regarding this line, please contact an attorney who is familiar with condemnation matters.  Remember that the right of way agent does not work for you and does not represent your interests.  Working with an experienced attorney will help you become fully informed of your rights and very familiar with the steps involved with the condemnation process. Good luck.

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